Every organization has moments of crisis. Reputation could, especially in transition environment, be endangered.

  • Anticipation of crisis – locating potential dangers
  • Potential crisis situations
  • Crisis management
  • Preparing Q&A in advance. Recommendation for responsive action.
  • Crisis communication in judicial cases.
  • Media relations in crisis.


We consult top managers (team leaders) of our clients on how to create and implement their organizational, business and project goals.

We mapped stakeholders for 40 of our clients and enabled them to position themselves.

We create communication strategies with action plans.

We have good media relations with all of the media.

We supported 15 clients to successfully manage their crisis. After initial negative press coverage’s, they are successfully accomplishing their organizational and business goals.

We have organized 22 conferences.

We have implemented over 30 product launch campaigns.

We have been certified for our training “Change management “ by Ministry of Finance and  Economy.